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Hello my reader…


This section is exactly what you think it is, here I am going to post my latest review (or reviews) before moving them into their proper section.


I have done this for the convenience of you, my loyal reader, to make it easier to locate which reviews are the newest additions to my growing collection.


I intend to post at least one new review a week on a Sunday afternoon, but I may do more than check back on Monday for my latest look at…well, whatever the hell I feel like talking about…






PS - I am constantly tweaking this site and sometimes updating the previous reviews that I have done. So it is worth checking out my past reviews as they may have been edited or updated since they were in the “Latest Article” section.


TAC Update...6/12/20


So, you, my loyal reader, may be wondering why my reviews of late have been appearing usually 2 weekly rather than weekly. My PS4 console is also dying a slow and painful death, which is affecting my ability to play games at the moment. I can play games on my ship’s computer so you may be wondering why my PS4 going belly up is a problem.

To answer the former first, my ship's computer has been running in low power mode for several months now and I cannot risk powering it up as I suspect that someone is trying to hack my systems. It couldn't possibly be a human as they wouldn't have the technical skill. Now the Grand Seniority does have enemies and if one of them is eyeing up this planet for their own conquest and needed to assess my ship's defensive capabilities, they cannot know what those are if the computer is powered down. For all they know there could one of our Battle Cruisers sitting on the surface of this planet, which they wouldn't dare try and tangle with. So until I can determine who is trying to spy on me I don't have as much time as I used to have, in order to sit around, playing games, and watching television.

To answer the second query, human technology is so beneath every space faring species in the galaxy that they would simply ignore any signals coming from the vicinity of my ship, therefore if I use human games consoles I can play without fear of detection.

Right, now that is cleared up. Enjoy my reviews, and hopefully when things settle down I will be able to go back to posting reviews weekly rather than fortnightly.


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