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TAC Reviews...What's on my Mind


Okay, so I guess I had better clarify that title, now obviously I am not planning on reviewing what is on my mind simply because the mere human brain would not be able to interpret what is actually on my mind without their brain exploding…


As an alien living on Earth awaiting the invasion of my people, and as I only need to sleep for twelve minutes every sixteen weeks I have a lot of time to be awake and think about various things and more often than not I'll either be using my trusty probe gun to amuse myself or work on this site or ponder things that as an outsider to your world looking in don't make sense to me.


What I am planning on doing in this section is sometimes have a rant about current trends that annoy me, or maybe I will simply ponder things that have happened to rattle through my brain during the long hours I am conscious. I have to admit that this world is an interesting one, although, that doesn’t mean I won’t allow my people to crush the human race into powder in order to grit their driveways in the winter, however bizarrely there are something things that happen I actually want to talk about


Hopefully I will raise some questions that hadn’t rattled through the limited human mind, and maybe give you, the reader, a different perspective or maybe just food for thought.


TAC Reviews...What's on my Mind...Contents Update


Okay, hands up who doesn't know how these Contents pages and my articles work by now. If any of you raised your hand then you should be ashamed of yourself. Still you are all only human so allow me to explain one final time:


The Contents page has the alphabetical order of the articles I have written to make scrolling through them easier, however, the list on the right is the order that I actually wrote the articles in so if you need context just cast your eye over the order in which I wrote my reviews/articles.



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