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So…I have spent three decades of a human’s life sitting on my arse watching different TV shows, films, and playing computer games. However, I have also delved into a form of media that surprisingly we do not have on Brian, I am referring to what you humans call novels that are contained within books.


Let me clarify something…when I first arrived here I could not read, I could also not write, and whilst we do create and share fictional stories we simply transmit them into one another’s minds. It wasn’t until I came to this backwater little planet that I discovered that humans actually write stories down and read them from books or, more recently, from devices called kindles. I was so intrigued by this concept that I forced myself to try this media form for myself and in order to do that I learned how to read, and later, learned how to write so I could experience these books personally.


I was actually totally taken by surprise by what I would discover…To actually take some time to fully engross yourself in something that does nothing but describe what is happening and allow the reader to create something from their own mind is a completely unique concept…seriously it does not exist anywhere else in the Universe.


Whilst unique, it won’t save the human race because now that I know how to both read and write the one thing that made this world unique will be shared with my people so they will not hesitate to wipe all of you out...if they ever pickup the goddamn phone that is.


Sorry I seem to have wandered from the point a little…anyway here you’ll find my opinions on this unique form of media…well, unique to my people…


TAC Reviews...Books...Contents Update


Recently Abbie told me that this site was not the easiest to navigate, with no clear lists of the reviews I’ve done or links to those articles. I assumed that even you, my loyal but let’s be honest, still human reader would be able to figure things out. I updated the Films section with a Contents page and am now going to do the same for all other sections.

The Contents lists are in alphabetical order to again make it easier to see what I’ve done but they are not in the order that I have written them in. In the right side is the order that they were written in so if you need context then refer to that list for the order.


Okay, now that is out of the way let’s crack on...
·       Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All-in-a-Row
·       Queen of the Slayers
·       The Lost Slayer
·       Star Trek: The Next Generation Greater Than the Sum
·       Star Trek: The Dominion War
·       Star Trek: The Mirror Universe
·       The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

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