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Date Posted: 11/05/15


This is probably going to be one of the shorter articles that I am going to post on this site, and it might be pretty obvious to most people but I have seen other critics who use an “Out of Ten” reviewing system but I don’t know if people are aware exactly what the numbers mean when you are giving something a rating out of ten points.


For the sake of convenience then, let me be very clear about how I personally rate my films


0/10 - This is very Rare, but it sometimes a something will be so bad, so dire, so completely and utterly horrible that I can find not one single spark of hope in it. I will use this to rate on the special kinds of bullshit, things that make me want to go round to the creators and personally zap them with my ray gun.


1/10 - I’ll give something this rating if basically it does nothing good in terms of story, characters, acting and made me want to slit my wrists than endure any more of the bullshit I am experiencing.


2/10 – This means that there is maybe one thing that I liked, it was not enough to save the proceedings, maybe at one time I sat up or my eyes widened a little but then I slumped back down into my chair to be uninterested again.


3/10 – A film is bad but it has a couple of things going for it, I wouldn’t entirely recommend watching it but for the sake of fairness I am going to mention good things in bad films if those good things are enough recommendation for you to experience something I have given this rating to then clearly you are a freak.


4/10 – Now were getting to the average rating, now if a at the end of a review I have seen fit to give a book, TV show, film or computer game a 4/10 rating then it is not terrible, it is one of those rainy day things, or if you are lying on the sofa with little to nothing to do one day and you can’t be arsed to bat at the remote until the channel changes then you might as well give it some of your time.


5/10 – A solid average rating, had some good points and some bad points but both factors were as prominent as one another so there was some good but to enjoy that you will have to endure an equal amount of bad.


6/10 – Slightly above average, it has enough going for it to get a recommendation, whilst I wouldn’t say that it is worth you deliberately going out of your way to see it is one of those ratings that means if you happen to come across during your daily life then it is worth a look.


7/10 – The good definitely outweighs the bad, something has done enough things right to be worth your time, and whilst it has its flaws it is never-the-less entertaining.


8/10 – Now we’re getting to the high end of the spectrum, anything that has this rating is definitely worth your time to go out and track it down and whilst it will have a few things that count against it the rest of it carries those flaws so whilst you are aware of them they won’t really stop you enjoying it.


9/10 – This is the rating that I will have given to something that is damn near flawless but there will be something that prevented me from giving it a perfect score. It is frustrating when this happens because it will often be one factor, only one thing that I didn’t like, or took me out of the moment that has caused me to give it a rating that means it is great but not perfect


10/10 – If a something has achieved this rating then it is absolutely perfect, there will be nothing about it that I didn’t like or took me out of the story, characters or moment. There may be some flaws but I didn’t care, I was so entertained that I considered it a treat to have been given this gift even if I did have to hand over actual money for the privilege of experiencing it.  



Right then, hopefully my intricate rating system has been made a little clearer so there is no doubt about what I mean when I give my reviews a rating that is out of 10.


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