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TAC Reviews...The Angry Joe Show & Joe's Vacation

Date Posted: 27/09/17


I have mentioned Angry Joe once or twice in my own reviews, basically if you are unfamiliar with what The Angry Joe Show is then allow me to explain. Angry Joe is a YouTuber who has had his channel since 2009 and started by doing game reviews, or as he calls them “Angry Reviews” which have become more elaborate as he had continued making them. The reviews often feature “Other Joe” as well as various others.



I am not about to start critiquing a critic, because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and whilst I sometimes agree with other critics I sometimes don’t. I have said that if someone agrees with me then good, but if they don’t then so be it, I’m not about to throw my toys out of the pram.


The reason I am writing this article is because Angry Joe has recently come under attack from his own subscribers after he announced that he is going to be taking a couple of months off from Angry Reviews, and whilst he is still going to post film reviews, it won’t be the Angry Reviews that his fans obviously know and love.


I first became aware of Angry Joe several years ago when he had a cameo in one of the Nostalgia Critic’s reviews, he seemed a likable sort of chap so I flicked on to some of his videos to check them out. As a gamer he has played numerous games and posted his opinions. The reviews he used to do might have been fifteen minutes long, with him just standing in front of a screen talking about the game with various clips of the game play. But these days they a usually no less than half an hour up to around forty minutes. They have become more elaborate with Joe and Other Joe dressing up in various costumes and doing sketches relating to the game as well as including footage from the game itself. Personally I really enjoy his reviews, and whilst I don’t necessarily agree with him 100% of the time, his reviews are entertaining enough to keep me watching even if I don’t agree with his overall opinion and rating.


As time went on Joe talked about expanding his show to include movie reviews which were far less elaborate and involved basically Joe, Other Joe, and a couple of other people who just talk about the film they saw. Those I do not tend to watch because seeing four guys just sitting around talking about a film in that manner doesn’t really interest me.


Occasionally he has “Angry Rants” in which he will rant about things that companies do which have annoyed him, or the inclusion of micro-transactions, stuff like that. Again sometimes I tune in to watch those and sometimes I don’t. Basically what keeps me coming back are his Angry Reviews and I have watched them numerous times, I find them great things to put on in the background whilst I am working on my ship systems or writing reviews such as this one.


Recently though YouTube has been alive with reviewers attacking or defending Joe regarding a vacation (or holiday if you aren’t American) that he is planning on taking. Basically he posted a video saying that he and Other Joe are going to have a little break from doing the Angry Reviews, now they are going to post movie reviews but not the Angry Reviews…now everyone seems to be split about what to think. Some of Joe’s apparent fans have taken to actively attacking his movie reviews, posting negative comments, and down voting his other content. As a result he has deactivated comments on his videos…and once again YouTube seems to be in an uproar about it.


I have been sitting watching YouTube videos from others, some defending Joe, some attacking him, and a couple from Joe himself explaining why he decided to stop letting people comment on his videos.


I have toyed with the idea of trying to create my own YouTube channel but with everything else on my plate I doubt I’d have the time to do actually create something worth watching so decided against it. Anyway, at one point I did try creating a teaser trailer for this site, the trailer probably lasted a few seconds, maybe ten or fifteen, but it still took me an hour or so to make it. So if it took me an hour or so to make a fifteen second video, how long must it take to make a forty minute video??


That got me thinking, if Joe’s Angry Reviews are usually around half an hour long so surely he must spend hours and hours making them. I have no idea how much raw footage he must have, how long the editing process must take, and apparently Joe prides himself on not posting a review until he has played a game in its entirety. That includes any multiplayer elements too. Now recently I have been working on writing reviews for Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and playing through them both has taken me hours. The reason I haven’t posted my review of Arkham Knight is because at the moment I haven’t got the time to play the game properly. Joe is someone who earns his living from YouTube so if we consider just one thing: time…we have to conclude that Joe plays a game (sometimes forty hours of game play), then writes the script for the Angry Review, has costumes delivered, he and Other Joe dress up, film the review, then it needs to be edited, finalised then published on his channel. How long does that whole process take?? A forty hour game, even working on it for ten hours a day (and doing nothing else) it is still going to take four days, which gives him three days to do the filming, the editing, and then post the review. His reviews are quite often posted weekly so he needs to do everything I described in seven days, which seems a bit on the tight side. Then he needs to crack on with the next game immediately, and that doesn’t include the time it takes to post his movie reviews. Now if he has been doing this since 2009 then isn’t it possible that he has become more than a little burnt out??


Personally I don’t think a guy having a couple of months off after posting review after review since 2009 is something to get worked up about, so why are people attacking him?


His subscribers, his own fans, have now turned on him and are saying that they watch for the Angry Reviews so if he doesn’t post them then they are going to down vote his other content, and attack him personally. I don’t understand why people have turned on him in this way. I said above that I don’t watch his show for his other content, I watch for his Angry Reviews and you know what, in a couple of months when Joe comes back I will still be tuning in to watch them.


I have no idea about the politics of YouTube and honestly I don’t really care, I am a fan of the Angry Joe Show and if you aren’t or have never heard of it, or watched a review, then I urge you to check them out.


Now I might be wrong, and this might be the beginning of the end of The Angry Joe Show but I don’t think that it will be. I think Joe will be true to his word, and true to his loyal fans, he is going to have a break then return to the Angry Reviews.


You know what, Joe gives the game he reviews a rating, so I am going to give his overall show the same treatment. I enjoy the reviews, they are entertaining, fun to watch, and it is obvious that he cares about the games he reviews. I am not bothered about his movie reviews or his other content, but if he enjoys posting that other stuff then fair enough, I’m not going to criticise it, I just won’t watch it.


Joe gives certain things a Bad-Ass seal of approval and I give things a Thumbs Up, Down or a simple Meh. Joe, if you ever read this then know that your show is getting a Thumbs Up from me and like I said when you come back from your holiday I’ll still tune in to watch your show.



8/10 – I like the Angry Reviews, the other stuff is not something I enjoy, so I don’t watch it, simple as that. Check out his channel and see if there is something in there you like and watch it if you do or don’t if you don’t. If anyone reading this is a fan of Joe’s then try cutting the guy some slack, let him have his holiday and see how things play out when he returns. That is my opinion for whatever it is worth so I will see you guys, on the Next TAC Reviews…


TAC Reviews...Angry Joe Show: Update


If any of you are already a fan of Angry Joe then you are going to know what I am about to say, but if you aren’t but you read the article I wrote about Angry Joe and the YouTube community that had turned on him then you may not know how that resolved.


Basically Joe has been true to his word, he had his holiday and had returned to his Angry Reviews, with Destiny 2 being his return video with him publishing Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite a week later. As of yet these are his latest reviews, so basically he has done exactly what he said he would he had a break, then came back.


Therefore to everyone who was having a pop at him and saying he was going to just disappear and post crap no one wanted, well, I guess you can now suck it, can’t you. I was with many who said that he just needed a little break then he’d come back and continue with the Angry Reviews we all enjoy.


I am glad they are back and like I said when I talked about The Angry Joe Show previously if you aren’t familiar with it then check it out.


There isn’t really much more to add than that, Angry Joe is back, and I am glad he is.


Perhaps next time he decides to have a holiday maybe everyone can just keep their negative opinions to themselves and let the man have a bit of time off from the Angry Reviews to have a holiday if he chooses.


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