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When I first arrived on this planet all this world had to offer was three measly channels, creatively called Channel One, Channel Two, and ITV. By the way, what does ITV stand for?? I didn’t know that then and I still don’t. Anyway in those early years I used to basically watch channels from other planets, however, over time your television channels started to develop and the programmes really began to change.


I used to watch a lot of different programmes ranging from shows like Mythbusters to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and various documentaries. Now technically I am watching programmes illegally because being an alien living on a spaceship I am not about to pay for a TV licence or get someone in to install Sky TV. As a result I have to periodically shut down my connection in order to keep my ship’s location a secret, you’d think that my technology being far superior to that of you humans would keep it off the grid, but no, because I linked in with the human media database I have actually given any astute human the ability to tap into my technology. Fortunately, so far no one has figured out how to out hack me, but I have to be cautious on occasion so you have to understand if I am risking getting hacked to watch a TV show it either has to be truly great or epically bad.


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If there is one thing that my Dexter and 24 reviews have shown me it is this: writing a review of an individual season is pretty tricky, simply because it is difficult to write new things about a cast you are familiar with and who are excellent in their respective roles. As a result I have decided that subsequent reviews of television shows are going to be one review of the entire show spanning its beginning through to its end rather than looking at each season individually in a separate review.


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