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Date Posted: 04/11/18


The legendary metal band Slayer are (apparently) doing their final ever world tour. I only say apparently because often bands or artists claim they are doing a final tour ever and then do another final tour a few years later. Anyway, the tour started in November 1st 2018 in Dublin, and yours truly was amongst the massive crowd that appeared to see them live. Supporting them were Obituary, Anthrax, and Lamb of God in an epic gig which will play to tens of thousands around the world before it is over.


Slayer: LIve in Dublin


I didn’t write a review last week and that was because I was away in Dublin, some of my skin-sack’s friends had secured us tickets to see Slayer, and none of us were going to miss the opportunity to go see them. I endured the pits of human transportation (namely RyanAir) in order to get over to Dublin to see a band that started in the 1980s and shook the metal world to its very foundations.


Before I go any further I will point out that I have been to a number of gigs for bands that I may never have actually listened to prior to seeing the band live. However I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing as I get to jump in and see something as it was intended, live and in front of legions of fans.


The gig itself took place in the 3 Arena, a massive venue that was already full of people when we arrived as the doors opened. As the support bands played their sets and vacated the stage that crowd grew larger and larger as anticipation grew.


Anthrax were pretty good and I have to admit that I was a big fan of Lamb of God. They worked the crowd into a frenzy of excitement as they gave tribute to the other bands that had gone before them, and naturally to the band that would follow.


Once Slayer appeared on stage the crowd roared, the music was fantastic, the band themselves played their instruments with the skill of a surgeon performing open heart surgery. The pyrotechnics bathed the stage in fire and the drumming was intense. The entire performance was easily one of the best that I have ever been fortunate enough to witness and I honestly felt humbled to have seen them play live. A friend of my skin sack is a massive Slayer fan but unfortunately he was away so couldn’t come to the gig with us, and I can now understand why he was so disappointed.


I was asked recently what I see in metal gigs and mosh pits by a non-metal fan and as much as I am going to sound like a twat saying this, I told him that if he didn’t know then there was no way I would be able to explain it to him in a way he’d understand. I love going to gigs and when I saw Slipknot I realised I am no longer a noob, I may not necessarily listen to these bands on a daily basis but when I am at a gig, nothing else matters apart from soaking up the atmosphere, listening to the music, watching the band and naturally bellowing at the top of my lungs.


As Slayer continued to play the crushing weight of the crowd around me started to annoy me a tad. By this time Slayer had been on for over a half hour and the crowd was as densely packed as it could possibly get. I had managed to fight my way forward to the point where I was only a couple of people back from the front but could go no further than that. Still those behind were trying to force their way forward, and every muscle in my human body was tense as I fought to hold my position and not being forced back. My muscles were screaming and the temptation to explode out of my human form and use my tentacles to clear a space around me became almost too hard to control. Still it might have been pretty metal to have an alien explode out of a human body and throw itself into the mosh pit...


I was present at the beginning of their tour so there may still be an opportunity for any music fan reading this to get tickets. Being a metal head naturally helps but if you like live music then this is was easily one of the best shows that I have been to. I consider it a privilege that I was able to see Slayer perform live.


Obviously I am giving the first show in Slayer’s world tour a massive Thumbs Up, and considering this is their final tour you’ll never forgive yourself if you pass up this chance to see them perform.



9/10 – A great show performed by legends within the metal world and I am going to make a point of listening to everything they have ever done so I can add it to my music collection.


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