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Over the years I have been to a number of live events, plays, pantomimes, shows and of course metal gigs. Thus far my website has not had a section because whilst I generally enjoy these live events I don’t talk about them unless it is with the people I went to them with.


But things have now changed because in the space of around a week I not only saw an amateur dramatics play that I wanted to talk about, I also went and saw a band called Slipknot live in Birmingham, and that I REALLY wanted to talk about.


Thus the TAC Reviews…Live Shows Section has been created and it is here that I will talk about all things live…good or bad…but worth talking about.


These are only going to be live shows that I personally went to, and are probably going to be more about my emotional state during the shows rather than the shows themselves especially in the case of various music gigs.


To non-music fans do not just click off this section because if an alien can learn to appreciate some human forms of music then perhaps there will be something in my reviews that will make you want to check a gig out for yourself.


TAC Reviews...Live Events...Contents Update


Considering how many articles are in this section, doing a linked cContents page may be a bit redundant, but as you humans say: In for a Penny, in for a Pound and as I have done a new Contents page for all the other sections I might as well do one for this one too.


Usual rules apply, Contents in alphabetical and order they were written on the right.


Par for the Course

Prescription for Murder

Slayer: Live in Dublin

Slipknot: Live in Birmingham

The Accrington Pals



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