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Date Posted 22/03/20


This is not going to be a review as such because thus far the only thing that has been released is a 25-30 minute demo which features some of the characters that are going to star in the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake. Plus I haven’t had a lot of free time this week so instead of my usual long review I am intending to do this and an Update to my Red Dead Online articles.


RE3 Remake Possible Boxart


So the demo begins with you playing as Jill Valentine, who I think was in the first Resident Evil game but as I have not played that one I am not really sure. She has rendezvoused with a squad of soldiers who are trying to gather up and evacuate survivors of the Racoon City Outbreak. Canonically the events of this game are happening a few days before the events of Resident Evil 2 so whilst it is possible we might see characters from RE2 I doubt that either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield are going to put in an appearance.


Anyway, Jill is given the task of getting the underground subway system operational again so that the survivors can be evacuated. She heads up to street level where survivors are being attacked by the zombies roaming the streets and she must defend herself from the undead as she searches for a way to reactivate the power.


Carlos (a soldier in the subway) acts as her guide directing her to a substation in the distance that should enable her to get the power on. The streets of the city are awash with devastation and she has to navigate the environmental hazards as well as the zombies that will lunge forward to take a chunk out of her at every opportunity.


As she explores the city Jill comes across an alleyway in flames and realises that she must extinguish the fires to proceed. After searching the nearby neighbourhood she is able to discover a means to put out the flames but as she returns to the street a monstrous creature is attacking a zombie.


This creature is the Nemesis...


Right so that is basically all there is of the demo and whilst it is very short it does give some ideas regarding what is going to be in the upcoming game, although, the demo points out as it begins that the finished game might be different from the demo.


The game play itself seems to have been a copy paste from RE2 with the same over the shoulder camera position and same inventory management system. In the short time that you can enjoy it there were opposrtnities to grab various key items like bolt cutters and combine items to make herbs as well as bullets. Therefore when starting the game up, if you have already played RE2 then you should know what you should be doing.


Jill is a member of STARS, Special Tactics And Rescue Squad, so she is not a rookie cop nor a sibling just looking for her brother as Leon and Claire were. Now whilst she doesn’t naturally seem to be a better shot than them, she has a dodge move which neither Claire not Leon had. If timed correctly this move can be used to escape from zombie grabs which made avoiding zombies infinitely easier because whilst they are as grabby as they were previously, you have a chance to dodge them without having to waste bullets or a knife to put them down first.


On the subject of knives, Jill has one but unlike the ones in RE2 it doesn’t seem to have durability, but also doesn’t seem to be as effective as it can be used on zombies it seems Jill would have just as much luck as she would pocking enemies with a toothpick.


Admittedly I did watch the demo played by Markiplier then Outside Xbox before downloading it and playing it myself so parts of it were spoilt. I knew when the Nemesis was going to show up and where I needed to go to find solutions to puzzles. However, once the main game comes out I am not going to watch any playthroughs because I want to be able to experience it for myself first hand. The demo is currently free so it is worth a download if you want to get a chance to play it for yourself.


Now we come to what might really shake this game up...the Nemesis...


In RE2 the Tyrant or Mr X would plod slowly after you from a certain point in the game, in those sections he was an omnipresent, annoyance. I said in my review of the game that all he does is plod after you and has a mystical ability to know where you are at any given time. He was pretty easy to avoid and because he never managed anything other than a brisk walk he was little more than an irritation. He seemed to be in a game as a way of forcing players to get a move on, but if you knew what you were doing and had cleared out most of the Police Station’s corridors you could quite happily lure him to the far side of the building then race back to where you wanted to be to complete your objective. Plus he looked like this...


Tyrant aka Mr X


Not exactly a scary looking chap.


The Nemesis on the other hand looks like this...


The Nemesis


Okay now that is a guy who looks like he means business. He shows up in the last couple of minutes of the demo and like the Tyrant has a massively powerful punch that can take off most of your health in one hit. But unlike the Tyrant he is capable of moving quickly, darting into your path as you try to flee, yet worse is the fact that he has a tentacle attack which he can ensnare Jill’s leg and drag her towards him. In the last minute or two of the demo I was honestly panicked at the prospect of trying to deal with this remorseless enemy that wasn’t going to just follow you around like the Tyrant taking its sweet time to kill you, no, no, the Nemesis is going to kill you then continue its mission. Currently I have got no idea how to fight it apart from putting a few shotgun shells into its face which does slow it down but there isn’t going to be any running around it like there was with the Tyrant. I wonder how they are going to balance the Nemesis in the game play so its appearances aren’t annoying like the Tyrant, but aren’t aggravating challenges that you might be ill equipped to deal with.


That is pretty much all there is to say at the moment, as a fan of the Resident Evil 2 Remake I am looking forward to this instalment. I don’t know if we only play as Jill in the whole game or we split between two characters. I won’t give a Thumb rating because the demo is really good but it is a bite-sized chunk and the main game might not live up to expectations. Still, here’s hoping that it will be a worthy sequel to the excellent RE2.


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