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Not surprisingly Deadpool 2 is the sequel to Deadpool and sees Ryan Reynolds returning to the comic book character that he actually suited rather than Green Lantern or Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. Morena Baccarin returns as Wade’s girlfriend Vanessa, Stefan Kapicic once again voices Colossus the CGI mutant from the first film, with Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead plus they are joined by Josh Brolin as Cable a time travelling mercenary.


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It has to be said that Deadpool paved the way for the more violent final adventure for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Logan, a fact that Deadpool is well aware of. The hack and slash style of the previous film returns here as we see what has happened to the merc-with-the-mouth since his previous adventure.


Set two years after the events of the first film Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is still working as a mercenary and kills various criminals. On the day of his anniversary with Vanessa he fails to kill on of his targets as he instead races home to see Vanessa. The man he fails to kill tracks him down that same night and despite trying to protect her, Vanessa is killed.


After a failed attempt to kill himself Wade is returned to Xavier’s Mansion by Colossus where he struggles to come to terms with what has happened. He is unable to die and Colossus convinces him that as one of the X-Men he might find a purpose in life once again.


Deadpool joins Colossus and Negasonic Teenage… (etc) as they head to the location of a young mutant that is having something of a meltdown. Using his ability to create a fire, Julian Dennison, is attacking the staff at his orphanage. Deadpool attempts to talk him down but realises that the young boy is being abused by the staff so kills one of them.


Both Deadpool and Julian are arrested and incarcerated in a prison that uses collars to suppress the mutations of its population. Resigned to allow the cancer that almost killed him before he unlocked his mutation to return, Wade awaits death in the jail, whilst Julian attempts to befriend him but Wade is uninterested.


Julian seeks to form a more powerful alliance with a fellow mutant and a time-traveller from the future arrives with the sole intention of making sure Julian doesn’t make it to his next birthday…


What can I really say about this film that won’t echo of everything I said in my review of the last one?


Basically this is another Deadpool, and as the first film was good, this one will also be good.


Makes sense, right??


The thing is that the first film was a much more violent comic book adaptation that took full advantage of his higher certificate rating. Then Logan did the same thing. One of the first pieces of spoken dialogue is Deadpool expressing his irritation that Logan followed in the footsteps of his [Deadpool’s] first film and raised the stakes by dieing at the end. The problem is that this sequel doesn’t ever really seem to rise over the fact that this is basically Deadpool Another One…which would have probably made a better title.


That isn’t to say that I disliked the film, far from it, but whilst the first was something new and original, this is just more of the same.


The scene in which Deadpool is trying to kill himself could have been much better and funnier, if we’d seen a montage of him continually trying to kill himself with Colossus arriving each time to put him back together and return him to the X-Men Mansion. This would have given him a greater level of despair because despite his best efforts he cannot die and be with the woman he loves. I remember Cole in Charmed trying to kill himself at one point because he had become too powerful to be vanquished and the sisters are trying to talk to him as he tries to decapitate himself with a guillotine, without success. That could have been done way bigger, and way bloodier here, but we don’t get to see it. One suicide attempt, Wade realises he cannot die, then that is really the end of him trying.


I am not really sure why Julian was arrested along with Deadpool, because yes he was violently acting out, but it was only because his supposed carers were the ones hurting him. Colossus and Negasonic (etc) were present but neither of them attempted to take Julian with them. At the time he hadn’t hurt anyone and they could have taken him with them, everyone in this world seems to know who the X-Men are so I have no clue why he was taken to jail with Wade.


On that point Wade’s mutation keeps him alive because without his ability to regenerate his cancer will return and kill him. In the prison he is sent to they put a collar on him to prevent his mutation from working, but without it he will die, so surely this is basically an execution. Logically any mutant that needs their mutation to survive would be contained in some other way rather than having the collar. If someone had mutated to the point where they could only breathe underwater, they wouldn’t be dumped in a normal prison cell because they would suffocate. Again if Wade had been separated from the other inmates and was left to rot because he is unable to die then that could have driven him insane. That is what this film lacks, yes it has the Forth Wall breaks, yes it has some absolutely hilarious moments with some awesome fighting sequences, but what it doesn’t have is an insane and unpredictable Deadpool. 


I like Reynolds as Deadpool but his motivations are too boring.


In the first film he wanted a cure for his disfigurement, in this film he rejects an impressionable child who has the capacity to go completely off the rails with a power to back it up. Naturally once he realises the error of his ways he spends the rest of the film trying to convince Julian that he doesn’t need to go down the path of hurting people.


The rest of the cast are all decent enough with the X-Force team bringing a fair amount of fun to the proceedings but this is nothing we haven’t seen before. Avengers and the X-Men films have seen numerous heroes teaming up, admittedly here there is a lot more violence but it is nothing we haven’t seen before. Watch enough martial arts films (which I have) and you see people getting sliced apart by swords, and various other weapons so there isn’t anything new on display.


There is however possibly my favourite cameo (or cameos) of all time during the film. I am not going to spoil it but it made me smile. Although this time around I didn’t see a cameo from Stan Lee, and I was surprised by how strange it seemed to have a Marvel film in which he didn’t pop up at some point.


Plus Cable has a device that he can use to time-travel, although he can only use it twice, he used it to come back, and intends to use it to move back to his own time…tell me, do you think that is what he uses it for? The post credits scene also opens a can of worms that pretty much undermines everything we have seen in the film anyway which annoyed me more than it should.


By no stretch of the imagination was Deadpool 2 bad, it was just another Deadpool film. I enjoyed it, but I liked the first one better. Everything that made the first film so much fun is still here unfortunately this film does nothing to add to what we have already seen.


Naturally Deadpool 2 isn’t going to be awarded with anything other than a Thumbs Up because it was still good, but I liked the first one better. Cable isn’t as good a villain as Francis, the story is uninteresting and sadly Deadpool 2 doesn’t push any of the boundaries established by the first film.



7/10 – The “legs” scene was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time, but the film is let down by a weak story and not seeing Wade going completely off his rocker after Vanessa dies. He could have spent most of the film in a cocaine-haze but sadly we don’t get to see Deadpool as anymore on edge that we did in the original film.


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