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Superhero movies have been around for years and have had some good incarnations like the Tobey Maguire Spiderman films and some pretty poor efforts like Green Lantern and The Fantastic Four. However, in recent years Marvel in particular have started taking superhero movies seriously and taken time to create a good story, a cast of well known and Oscar winning actors. They don’t just throw a film together and hope for the best. Now in 2008 Marvel took things one step further and decided to create a Marvel Cinematic Universe in which there would be individual films but the cast of those separate films would unite once in a while to take on bigger threats.


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Okay, now I am going to admit something, I do not read comic books, I honestly can’t remember if I have told you this before. So therefore when a comic-book adaptation hits the big screen I honestly have no idea how true to the original source material it is being, consequently I will not be raging if a character doesn’t match up to their comic counterpart, I will just be judging the films on their own merits.


Some of these films are better than others and here I am going to review each of the films to date…


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