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Animated movie released in 2014 and has the talents of Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Chris Pratt behind it


The Lego Movie


Every once in a while something comes along that is surprisingly good, it lives up to the hype and serves to remind us all that sometimes something great can help you to forget the bleakness of existence and the slowly encompassing darkness…so here’s The Lego Movie.


Now I know what you are thinking, how can an obvious corporate cash in be anything other than a very long advert in which play sets are pushed in front of you every few seconds with such a lack of subtlety that you leave the cinema, march into the nearest top shop and crush every piece of Lego you spot beneath your feet in rage. But hold your horses, The Lego Movie manages to be hilarious from start to finish.


The premise is that Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt – the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy) is entirely ordinary, there is nothing different or unique about him, so much so that whilst he is very happy with his life and existence he is just another unknown face in the crowd. This is until he discovers an object which becomes stuck to his back and is informed by a mysterious woman named Wyldstyle that he is the “special” and he is the most important person in the universe. What follows is an roller-coaster ride that takes Emmet through a variety of locations with dozens of different Lego characters in tow.


Yes I know that is an obvious ploy to sell old toys and you can practically feel the spirit of Lego sitting beside you, nudging you in the ribs going “Remember that one?” and “You had one of those, didn’t you?” but honestly it doesn’t matter because you are so engrossed that you don’t care about anything other than watching the film playing before your eyes.


Don’t forget, this was not a small budget affair, before Guardians of the Galaxy I had no idea who Chris Pratt was, but the likes of Morgan Freeman, Will Farrell and Liam Neeson all take central roles and lend their voices to a host of colourful characters. Morgan Freeman’s Vitruvius, a blind wizard that for some reason the others keep making their look-out is a joy, and Liam Neeson’s split personality Good Cop/Bad Cop is side splittingly funny. But it is Will Arnett’s Batman that steals the show and will have you rolling in the aisles as you laugh yourself sick.


Sadly there is a live action bit that does more to damage the film than give us a greater context, personally I don’t think the film would have suffered if exactly why Emmet’s world is the way it is was left unanswered but no, the film makers decide to let us know that everything we are seeing is…well I won’t say it but it is unnecessary and should have been left out.


This is a very, very funny film and will keep you laughing all the way through and unlike a lot of other films I have seen, the funniest gags are not just in the trailer. It appeals to both children with its colourful characters and creative setting, and to adults who unlike being forced to sit through The Wiggles or Frozen for the billionth time will welcome watching The Lego Movie again and again, if for no other reason than to spot all the different Lego characters from years ago in the crowd scenes.


Now this film is about making whatever you want out of Lego and not conforming to the standards of building the same models over and over again. Therefore it does make you wonder why Lego then brought out a bunch of toy sets in which children can make the vehicles seen in the film, isn’t this about building what you want, how you want? Of course it isn’t, it is about selling you stuff, so my advice is watch the film, then if you are that inclined dig your box of Lego out of storage and build whatever the crap you want out of it.


Despite the live action bit which did annoy me and answer questions that in my opinion did not need to be answered this film still gets a very solid recommendation and not surprisingly a Thumbs Up



8/10 - An hugely enjoyable film that will have both adults and children laughing all the way through


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